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Event Highlights

"Maritime Silk Road" 2021 Chinese Language Summer Course organized in Greece


This year, Maritime Silk Road Society and Lefkada City jointly organized again the "Maritime Silk Road" 2021 Chinese Language Summer Course for the period of 5 - 30 July. The course takes place in Lefkada, Greece, in purpose to facilitate exchange through introduction of Chinese language and culture.

Currently, Chinese language remains as one of the popular language world-wide. Students from different places in Lefkada express their passion on studying this kind of global language. Under the professional teaching of Professor Liu Xuejiao, students will learn Chinese pinyin, simple sentences as well as Chinese ideograms and phonetics, will use Chinese to make conversation in order to put their language skill into practice.

Professor Liu recalled that although Chinese learning last year had been affected by the epidemic, everyone demonstrated their perseverance in studying. What the students said most was: "Although this year is difficult, we still have to live happily!" "Although Chinese is difficult to learn, it is really interesting. After the epidemic, I want to travel and go to school in China."