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Event Highlights

MSRS 8th Anniversary Celebration and BRI Oriental Pearl Boat Tour


The Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS) organized the “8th Anniversary of the MSRS and BRI Oriental Pearl Boat Tour” on 14 October to celebrate its 8th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

Over 300 people joined the boat tour. Officiating guests included Ms Eunice Yung, LegCo Member and Vice-chair of Youth Opportunities Committee of MSRS; Mr Nicholas Ho, Commissioner for Belt and Road, Belt and Road Office, Commerce and Economic Development Bureau; Prof Lau Chi Pang, LegCo Member and Associate Vice-President of Lingnan University; Mr Suen Kwok Lam, representative of Dr Peter Lee, Honorary President of MSRS and Chair of Youth Opportunities Committee.

Other participants included MSRS office bearers, Mr Lam Kwong Siu and Mr Wong Yam Yin; Mrs Annie Ma, Council Member of Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club; Mr Zhu Jintao, representative of Hong Kong & Macau Affairs Office Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; Ms Queenie On, representative of Euroterra Capital; MSRS members, representatives of the host organizations and institutions of the summer internship programme, participants in the “Quanzhou – Maritime Silk Road Exploration” tour; secondary school and university students and teachers; members of Po Leung Kuk Tin Ka Ping Harmony Land for Families and ethnic minorities of the New Home Association.

The event commenced with the anniversary celebration of MSRS featuring Ms Eunice Yung’s welcoming remarks. She highlighted that it was the first time for MSRS to hold an anniversary ceremony onboard in the Victoria Harbour and to play host to ethnic minority participants and children from grassroot families to promote an inclusive society. She spoke on the major activities of MSRS over the past year including the Belt and Road 10th Anniversary Forum “Brave New World” and the “Quanzhou – Maritime Silk Road Exploration” tour.

At the ceremony, Mr Nicholas Ho and Prof Lau Chi Pang addressed the participants respectively.

During the “Operation Zhang Qian 2023” sharing session, four of the interns shared their experience on their internship.

In the “Quanzhou – Maritime Silk Road Exploration” sharing session, 12 winners of Outstanding Report Awards shared what they have learned in the Quanzhou trip.

After the ceremony, the Oriental Pearl boat set sail in the Victoria Harbour. Dr Peter Wong, archaeologist and cultural heritage consultant, hosted “The Belt and Road” cultural guided tour, telling stories related to antiquities and monuments along Hong Kong’s coastline.

At noon, participants enjoyed a sumptuous buffet lunch followed by the “Belt and Road” workshop, a quiz and a lucky draw.


News Release

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Video of "Quanzhou – Maritime Silk Road Exploration" tour

Promotion Video of the 8th Anniversary of MSRS