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Media Coverage

Date Title
2024-06-08 Interview with NTV during "Türkiye – Ancient Silk Road Exploration" (Turkish only)
2024-06-08 Interview with TV100 during "Türkiye – Ancient Silk Road Exploration" (Turkish only)
2024-06-06 Çin'in Hong Kong Özel İdari Bölgesi'nden 41 kişilik kafile Diyarbakır'a geldi (Turkish only)
2024-06-06 41 kişilik Çinli turist kafilesi Diyarbakır’a geldi (Turkish only)
2024-06-06 Diyarbakır için Hong Kong'dan geldiler (Turkish only)
2023-10-18 葉劉淑儀:“絲綢之路也是全球的品牌” (Chinese Only)
2023-10-18 葉劉淑儀期待與各地智庫交流合作 (Chinese Only)
2021-08-05 China always views ASEAN as High Priority in Neighborhood Diplomacy: Wang Yi
2021-08-04 BRI Projects Bridge China-Europe Cooperation amid Pandemic
2021-07-16 中評大咖講書:王春新論香港新思維 (Chinese Only)
2021-01-11 越南首條城市輕軌,中國造!(Chinese Only)
2021-01-07 EU, China investment treaty imposes obligations on state companies, prohibits forced tech transfers and improves transparency of subsidiesprohibits forced tech transfers and improves transparency of subsidies
2021-01-04 中歐投資協定談判 如期完成(Chinese Only)
2020-11-24 “一帶一路”互聯網國際合作論壇:以更加開放的國際營商環境賦能數字經濟發展(Chinese Only)
2020-11-22 中規院發佈《“一帶一路”倡議下的全球城市報告(2020)》(Chinese Only)